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March 16, 2023

Dafna Rachok & Ivan Shmatko "The Stoic Use of Expletives"

Dafna Rachok & Ivan Shmatko

With us in the Yellow Van this week are Dafna Rachok and Ivan Shmatko.
Dafna Rachok is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University Bloomington. Her research seeks to understand how vulnerable groups in Ukraine respond to existing HIV prevention and treatment programs and how their attitudes to the state shape their desire or reluctance to seek those programs. Ivan Shmatko is a PhD student in sociology at the University of Alberta (Canada). Ivan has been a part of the volunteer movement in Ukraine since February 24. He has done research on policing in Ukraine and the imaginaries that shape how police officers see their work and interact with others. His doctoral research project focuses on the experiences of newly mobilized soldiers in Ukraine. Being on leave from their universities in February 2022, they decided to stay in Ukraine when Russia assaulted their home. Rather than escape to safety across the Atlantic Ocean, they looked for ways and means to support their homeland and their fellow Ukrainians.  Join us as we talk about their #volunteering work, the importance of humour in times of darkness and why Ukrainians collectively dislike  Elon Musk.
And, as always, a lot more. Thank you, Dafna and Ivan, for joining the Yellow Van.
Your bravery and empathy are an inspiration.

Sociological group "RATING"
International Red Cross and Red Crescent
World Food Programme
Leonid Kuchma
Article by Dafna Rachok: On Trust, Transparency, and Learning from the Experience of the Extraordinary
Article by Ivan Shmatko: A Voracious Beast - Emotional Energy in the Tsunami of Suffering

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