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April 6, 2023

Anastasiia Sanzharovska "Day By Day"

Anastasiia Sanzharovska

Anastasiia Sanzharovska is a producer, director, and video editor from Ukraine. She originally studied system analysis and maths but turned to her real passion film soon after finishing her studies. She has been working as a producer, director, 1st AD,  and video editor ever since. In February 2022, Anastasiia was in Egypt for a 3-week holiday but got stuck there due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. She has been living there ever since.

We'll talk about her early beginnings in filmmaking, why she chose film over maths, the Ukrainian TV scene, and her life in Egypt. And, as always, a lot more.

Welcome to the Yellow Van, Anastasiia! Thanks for travelling with us.

Links to a selection of Anastassia's works
What Is Wrong With Me (Short Film) - Direction
ZFeelZ Shame (Music Video) - 1st Assistant Director
Тизер ДВДС 2 (Short Movie) - 1st Assistant Director

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Sinai Media Club in Sharm El-Sheikh

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Prytula Foundation - Support for the Ukrainian Army
Come Back Alive - Support for the Ukrainian Army
National Bank of Ukraine - Dedicated Account for the Humanitarian Assistance of Ukrainian Citizens

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