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March 25, 2021

Erik Lorenz "A Micro-Adventure"

Erik Lorenz

Erik is an author, publisher, moderator and podcast host from Berlin, Germany. He has published an impressive amount of work, ranging from travel guides, travel books, short story anthologies to magazine articles and more. He is also the founder of Weltwach (which roughly translates to world awake), a German online magazine for adventure and travel topics. The related podcast, hosted and produced by Erik, already has produced 188 episodes and counting.

Since last year, the Weltwach podcast produces an English offshoot called Unfolding Maps. The impressive guest list includes Laura Dekker, the youngest person to ever sail around the world solo, the endurance artist “Iceman” Wim Hof, and, one of my personal role models, National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.

Especially beautiful to me is the book series How We See It, which is an anthology of short stories focusing on a particular country by offering the perspectives of the many. Each voice is acting as a building block emphasizing cultural abundance. Kind of like the mathematical letter PI that offers more accuracy with every single digit behind the comma, attempting the impossibility of squaring the circle. Just like it, culture needs many voices to be representative. Erik’s books make that very clear to me. 

Originally, Erik studied International Marketing and Business Management in the Netherlands, Hongkong and Great Britain. If he would have studied travel, if that had been a viable study course option at university, or if his cultural thirst was acquired through his higher education, we will discuss in today’s episode  - and, as always, a lot more.

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Unfolding Maps English Podcast
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List of Erik's books

The One & Only Jim Kroft
Peter Willers, Defusing mines in Cambodia
Khmer Rouge
Christine Thürmer
Eric Adams
Hans Rosling on Population Growth, TEDx
Jared Diamond
Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond, 1997
Upheaval, Jared Diamond, 2019
Japanese Meiji era
Matthew C. Perry
Helge Timmerberg

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