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March 18, 2021

George Donios "A Mini's Diary"

George Donios

George is an author, a radio DJ and presenter, a musician, photographer and filmmaker. But above all he is a traveller, exploring the shared essence that makes us all human. His thirst for the world and its people is hard to quench and the moments of connection and mutual exchange always leave him wanting more.

No wonder then that he turned to photography and its scientific promise of turning ethereal visual impressions into lasting memory, making good on one of mankind’s oldest dreams.

Here is what George has to say about this himself, better than I ever could:

“Photography was a one-night-stand for me. Perhaps something you try just to get a kick of awesomeness right after a break up rips your world apart. Herberts were soon replaced by shutter clicks and as life would have it, what was meant as a fleeting encounter turned into love at first sight. 
From street photography in Barcelona, to festivals in Asia, to voluntary humanitarian missions in Africa, my lenses have been my eyes and my camera my best travel companion ever since.
I’ve never considered myself much of an artist. Some people like fishing, other love hunting - I belong to the group of folks who are dazzled, inspired and driven by photography’s ability to change the world. To stop age at 20. To keep a smile resonant and beautiful forever. To preserve a feeling or an emotion until it’s thawed and relived once more by the warmth of a familiar gaze. To inspire travel, induce exploration and shape public opinion.”

George has written a book about his travel experiences called “Stories From The Road” in which he recounts impressions from all parts of the world.

Vicky and I have recently been invited to his weekly radio show “Off The Beaten Track” and the music he played on air was a celebration of diverse cultural origins, taking us with him off the beaten track, putting us in touch with the abundance of human creation.

It painted the picture of a man free of boundaries or preconceptions. Of a man believing in the beauty of all humanity. What better guest for a yellow camper van traveling the world?


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