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Dec. 3, 2020

Laura & Daniel Seiler, "Camp 4 You"

Laura & Daniel Seiler,

In today’s episode I will be speaking to Danny and Laura Seiler, who got stuck in the Moroccan desert during the first lockdown. For two months, they and their two beautiful daughters, lived in an oasis where they were stalked by a scorpion, painted an entire swimming-pool blue, and built their very own pizza oven. They will tell us why hospitality is at its greatest when somebody puts a spade in your hand, how garbage can be an ally in conspiratorial planning, why “Inshallah” is such a life-affirming phrase, and the reason why, despite a healthy amount of camera reluctance, they decided to turn it all into a documentary film.

This episode is also a premiere as it is the first episode recorded on location, namely at Laura and Danny’s home. Also, this episode is hosted for the very first time together with the photographer and communication expert Vicky Markolefa, my partner in life. Not the last time, I am sure.
Enjoy your ride.

Show Notes:
Camp 4 You - The Movie
Build Your Own Earth Oven

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