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Jan. 28, 2021

Jim Kroft "A Conversation About America"

Jim Kroft

Today we are going on the road with an old acquaintance and Yellow Van veteran: musician and filmmaker Jim Kroft, one of my greatest friends and record-holder in consecutive days spent in Fonsi with me.

His documentary film “A Conversation With America” is available for free on YouTube right now. It was filmed 4 years ago in the three months leading up to the election. He travelled all across the United States, looking to understand the growing political divide by searching out conversations with the wide range of people that constitute US society. 

Jim has created an unbiased, colorful kaleidoscope that sets the stage for all Americans - excluding noone and, therefore, overcoming the pitfalls of our societal echo chambers. 

The film reminds us of the tone that so many of our conversations lack these days: the cadence of mutual respect and inclusivity.  "A Conversation With America" is therefore an inspirational film, one of a kind, that I can’t recommend enough. 

So what better time to hear his conclusion after four years of Trump, his expectations for the Biden administration and his hopes for the near US future?




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